What’s happening to animals without their winter cover?

With increasingly warming temperatures in New England throughout the winter and little snow covering the ground, animals’ typical winter movements are beginning to look different. Many animals are forced to surface early from hibernation and others are facing difficulty without being able to camouflage with fresh layers of snow, which used to be a regular occurrence. Snow acts as a […]

How can I hide my own geocache?

I recently got introduced to geocaching through my two AVIS mentors. After taking off on my first adventure and locating a few geocaches, a question popped into my head–what does it take to build your own geocache? I came across the perfect how-to while doing my research at https://www.geocaching.com/play/search.  A good starting step that I found to be most useful […]

A Winter Treasure Hunt Awaits 

Looking for a fun family outdoor activity during winter break? We want to let you in on a little secret. There is a world of hidden treasures just waiting to be discovered by you right here in AVIS reservations. Let me introduce you to geocaching. It is a great activity for all ages and allows you to be part of […]

A Great Holiday Gift Idea for Children of Any Age (Really!)

If you’re on a budget this year and want a gift that will give hours of pleasure, here’s an idea to think about.  The Cornell Lab of Ornithology has all sorts of great resources that can help you join the most popular hobby in America—birdwatching!  And some, like the wonderful phone app “Merlin”, are available to download free.  Merlin helps […]

Hello AVIS! I’m Ella the new ESIC blogger.

My name is Ella Dougherty and I’m a senior at Andover High school. I’m part of the Environmental Sustainability Internship Class (ESIC) and will be contributing to the AVIS blog during the current school year. I jumped right into this project by joining the Eco Team at the Shawsheen River Reservation for a work party. We worked diligently using our […]