Hello Everyone!

My name is Krista Calhoun and I am a current senior at Andover High School. As a student in Environmental Sustainability, I’m incredibly excited to be joining AVIS for the year as an intern posting for this blog! I can’t wait to follow in the footsteps of blog founder Amber Ferris and embark on a tremendous journey in discovering the wonders of local nature on and around the AVIS trails!

I am enthusiastic to announce that this weekend, Saturday, September 24, 2022, from 10AM-4:00PM, Andover WECAN is hosting a Sustainability Fair at Andover Days 2022 in the parking lot between UBurger and Caffè Nero! This will be a fantastic opportunity to become more acquainted with fellow nature lovers and sustainability organizations as we work to collectively reduce our carbon footprint in our community. For more information, check out the Andover WECAN events page here: https://www.andoverwecan.org/events

At the sustainability fair AVIS will be selling copies of The Andover Trails Guide, updated to include some of our newer reservations, as well as copies of “A Guide to Invasive Plants in Massachusetts”, with a special insert written by The Native Plant Trust that has recommendations for non-chemical control options. Trustees, Wardens, and Weed Warriors will be there to share their knowledge of the reservations, with special activities for children who visit the booth! Hope to see you there!

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