‘Tis the Hiking Season

As the December holidays quickly sneak up on us, and my motivation to make it through school and work starts to sink faster than the New England sun at 4 pm, the anticipation of my favorite family holiday traditions has been helping me push through the past few weeks. Alongside the classics of baking cookies, gift exchanges, and holiday romcoms, one of my favorite traditions is the walks we take together. No matter where we are, who is hosting, or what holiday it is, it is tradition to find time for a pre/post-meal stroll outside with the extended family. This meaningful tradition has gifted me with some of my favorite memories; hysterical stream-of-consciousness conversations with my cousins, tidbits of wisdom stolen from my grandmother’s stories, and beautiful natural views in various states. In honor of this, I wanted to recommend one of my favorite trails in Andover for anyone seeking the magic that a holiday stroll can bring; the Goldsmith Woodlands. 

In my search for the perfect family-friendly walk location, Goldsmith was immediately the ideal trail due to its highly accessible entrance and convenient parking. Not to mention, the wide, flat trail is perfect for families/friends walking together and is a comfortable size for larger groups. With multiple trail options, high trails and low trails, one main trail, and branching side trails, Goldsmith is fantastic for accommodating any age group while simultaneously ensuring everyone gets to spend quality time together. Even for my relatives with less mobility, Goldsmith is a manageable hike because the well-traveled trails have very few tripping hazards (little to no roots/rocks on the trail, but keep an eye out for pinecones), as well as high visibility, and benches along the paths. It’s a lovely walk with picturesque views from Bessie’s Point of Fosters pond. The trail is also home to an abundance of majestic white and red pines.

The only thing capable of making the Goldsmith Woodlands even more magical this holiday season is a fresh coat of snow, so fingers crossed for a white Christmas to complete the winter wonderland scene. The holiday season can be extremely chaotic, so remember to get outside in order to relieve stress and make the most of every moment!

For more information on the Goldsmith Woodlands- https://avisandover.org/goldsmith.html

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